The Citrus Squad server was founded during FujoCon 2021, an 18+ convention where fans of Boys’ Love (BL) media gathered to celebrate their interests. The members of FujoCon’s horny-jail channel got along so well that the Citrus Squad server was created for everyone to keep in touch after FujoCon concluded.A public link to the server was posted, and a variety of people joined. After the convention concluded and the FujoCon servers closed, the age restriction of 25+ was set in place to maintain the culture and philosophy sought by the majority of the members present at the start.If you would like to join our discord community, please fill out the New Member Form here!

We ask that all current and prospective community members adhere to our rules. Each point has been carefully considered to keep our space safe for all. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail us here.

1. Absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE policy for harassment, bullying, or bashing of any kind. This will result in an immediate ban. This also includes hate speech (racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.). Mods will have no mercy with this kind of behavior!2. This server has age restrictions.Members must be 25+ to join. You must post an intro and include an age indicator (does not have to be exact. A range such as 25+ is enough) within 48 hours of joining.3. Be profiction. We have a “don't like don't read policy.” Don’t yuck anybody else’s yum. It is okay to discuss individual preferences, but once it becomes accusatory (ex: “Your ship is gross/wrong and you’re gross/wrong for liking it) you will be banned.4. No porn of real people. Please stick to drawings and illustrations only. If posting something revealing and/or related to IRL sexual situations, please use the "spoiler" function to censor.5. Please provide legal/official links when sharing media/fanart across our server. Links to media should be from licensed sources. Always credit original posters and do not claim art that is not your own. We support artists.6. Please use trigger warnings when posting sensitive content. Use the “spoilers” function via discord to censor any potentially sensitive text (Type in two | symbols before and after the desired text to spoiler it).7. Listen to the mods. Our team of mods is very dedicated to maintaining a positive and safe environment, as well as protecting the emotional safety of all members. Breaking the spirit of the rules will result in mod intervention.8. See something, say something. Tag @ sensei in the event of broken rules/uncomfortable situations. You are also welcome to DM a mod if you would prefer. Please keep these things out of the public channels to decrease conflict.9. Keep IRL sensitive topics in the void. We all need to rant sometimes. If your topic could be potentially upsetting, please keep it to the Void channel and spoiler tag it. This also goes for any topic that involves discourse of any kind.-TAGGING POLICYWe wanted to provide a couple of guidelines to make being here a more pleasant experience. Please note that we are not fans of over-censorship so we will be operating on a "use your best judgment" basis.Courtesy tags: Tagging common squicks by putting the link or discussion under spoiler tags, like cw squick this is an example is a kind gesture!-pregnancy, lactation
-hard drug use
-omorashi, scat, emetophilia
Note: Mods will not call you out for not using courtesy tags.Threads: Discuss whatever content you like in a thread, but please name the thread to reflect the general idea of what's being talked about so others can opt in or out at their discretion. If you're typing in a thread, spoilers tags and CW aren't needed since everyone will know what they're going to see.Dead Dove: This channel is an anything-goes space so you can post to your heart's content here! Some tropes that should always be placed in this channel include:-Content involving any form of hate speech/actions, such as homophobia
-Shota or loli content
-Major character death
Please keep discourse out of the public channels to decrease conflict.

The Citrus Book Club is open to all community members who are interested in reading along and discussing BL series together as a group. Each series is decided using a voting system within the discord server.For each meeting we will have questions for facilitating discussion. We will also be posting questions/activities in the Book Club channel on an ongoing basis. If you are unable to make it to the scheduled meetings, you should still be able to participate a ton in the channel. Remember to utilize threads throughout the week if you would like to discuss something before the scheduled meeting for that volume! Also, please remember that as a server we do not support scanned versions of any series. Please make an effort to purchase your volumes!

Be respectfulWhile we encourage healthy discussion, we kindly ask that all members remain respectful towards both the opinions of others and the source material itself. We may not all enjoy things the same way, and we ask that members remain conscious of that.Refrain from being overly-negativeWith anything, there will inevitably be room for critique. This type of discussion is perfectly fine and normal for a book club meeting. However, we ask that negativity not dominate the discussion. Additionally, please be cautious of statements such us “I don’t like this series” or “I hate this character.” We want this to remain a positive experience for as many people as possible, and these types of comments only bring the mood down.Share the floor and remain on topicWe want to make sure everyone has the chance to speak if they would like to. While we absolutely do not want to cut your time short, we ask that members remain conscious of how much time they may be taking up. Remember to give others the floor if they would also like to chime in. We also ask that all members do their best to stay on track during discussions. Topics that come up that are outside of the scope of book club can be tabled and brought back up at the end of the meeting and in the appropriate server space.Have fun!We know guidelines can sometimes seem stressful, but we have tried to be brief and keep it as simple as possible. At the end of the day we are all here to enjoy something together, and we hope that the few guidelines we have listed above can help that be possible. Please know that the mods are doing their very best to keep this an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Jackass! by Scarlet Beriko book club has concluded. We will update with the new series once it has been chosen!